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About Us: IB TutorMyibtutor is a collaborative effort between Avax consulting and Saffron Investments. These companies grew out of South Africa and Swaziland with Avax having a global presence in USA and India. The founders of these two organizations namely Messers Vishay Singh and Neville de Silva decided, based on their joint vision and belief that science and mathematics are core subjects for any pupil who wishes to excel in this competitive world. Our vision is to provide a holistic practical solution to all children at primary schools as well as pupils in the IB final year diploma studying Biology and Environmental Systems.
The Kit is carefully mapped to the childs syllabus and aims to provide the child with a practical approach to learning and making sense of what is in the text book. We see a mind field of effective results by doing this but the most important one is the ability to see the joy in a child’s heart by the smile in his or her face when they are able to practically relate to the text bookby touching, feeling and experiencing the actually product in the class room.

The IB tuitions offering is headed by Mr. de Silva who has walked and experienced  27 years of IB teaching. His love and passion for the subject of Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies has sparked this online service to those IB final Bilology or Environmental Systems and Societies ;pupils who wish to excel in these subjects. Mr. de Silva is now officially retired from the teaching profession having worked in the IB United World College in Southern Africa and in India has produced some of the cream of the crop Biology and EVSS students during the last 27years of his teaching career. He feels his knowledge should not go to waste and his effort here is to create one of the best and most well run personalized IT TUTION programs, online. His program is designed to be cost effective and affordable as well as tailor made to each childs needs in preparation for their most esteemed university entrance examination (IB) of their life.

     My Ibtutor.com also aims to provide a quality service and product line offering to schools and parents for their children. We have created a special online shop to offer basic products that schools and parents will find that were carefully designed and selected for you to enhance your child’s primary learning experiences that builds a solid foundation towards their secondary and tertiary levels. .

We believe in education for all and we will make our best efforts through our corporate social investment program(CSI) offer to encourage corporate to reach the rural schools and those schools that do not have sufficient funds for these essentials products to gain access to same via our CSI offering.

FULL LIST of materials and equipment in our Primary School Science Kit..

See screen saved Chart-1  and Chart-2 and PS SWD science Kit for details.

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