Corporate Social Investment offer

Science and Mathematics are  the core subjects that the department of education across Africa have realized that needs urgent focus and attention. Our education departments focus on these subjects at the apex of the pyramid and thus addresses the pressing needs for laboratory equipment and better teaching aids at tertiary level. However the actual need for focus should be at the PRIMARY SCHOOL level, being neglected by most Ministries of Education in the world.
The rational for this is that at the bottom of the pyramid of education, their is a huge pool of students waiting to be molded into young budding professionals of the future. If we bring our focus to this pool of students that study across Southern Africa and Africa and provide them with the essential tools to practically study and gain an insight to the theories dissipated in the class room we are providing them a gift for their lifetime.
The opportunity lies here for corporate to put their SOCIAL INVESTMENT POLICIES & FUNDS to beneficial use by investing in the majority of youth in Africa. We will identify for corporates the schools that are in need of the primary school science kits and mathematical instruments that cannot afford same due to lack of budgets and we inturn offer to corporate's to adopt a science kit for such schools.
Corporates will receive full branding rights on the kits they donate as well as a full year advert in the  ‘mysacareerguide’  magazine that goes out to more than 6000 schools throughout South Africa. Corporate’s will have the opportunity of a photographic session at the school they are sponsoring and each and every effort will be made with the media coverage of such investments in detail.

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