IB Biology TUTOR COVERAGE – IB BIOLOGY HL/SL COURSE May 2012 examination

The three months (Aug - Nov 11) are time tabled to cover topics as follows:

IB Biology SL & HL diploma / certificate candidates:

I - Mid Aug (15th) mid Sept (14th). IA Greatest Concern (24% Grade).

Focusing on Internal Assessments (IA) and consolidating strengths and eradicating weaknesses in the FOUR CRITERIA – (i) Designing (D);  (ii) Data Collection and Processing (DCP); (iii) Conclusion and Evaluation (CE);  (iv) Manipulator Skills (MS). 1 lab of your selection to consolidate the principles.

II- Mid Sept (15th) mid October (14th)

Preparation for the TWO EXAMINATION PAPERS (1 and 2 total 56% IB marks).

Paper 1 –(Marks 30 (SL) or 40 marks (HL) full IB syllabus (weighted 20% Grade)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), hints and secrets of examiners of MCQs.

Correct examination technique on MCQs and avoiding blunders.

Paper 2 – Structured data based section A and section B on essays.                                                                      (weighted 36% of the IB  final Grade)

Section A – Q.1, the most feared by candidates, requires very special practice.

               Q.2-4, directly based on IB syllabus, structured and data based uestions.

(Section A = 32 marks)

Section B - Q.5-8, structured essays, each with three sub-questions.

                                                 (Section B = 40 marks).

Mid October (15th) mid November (14th)

Paper   3 - TWO OPTIONAL TOPICS                                                                                                                           (20% Final IB Grade).

      Three structured data based questions on each selected option topic.                                                             (2 x 10% Final IB Grade).

A maximum of 20 marks, per option. (Two options = maximum 40 marks).

In each essay question Q (a) generally data based, known or unknown concepts related to the option.    Q (b) and (c) mainly focus on the topic content of the selected option, as on the syllabus.

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