The three months (Aug-Nov 11) are time tabled, staggered to cover topics as follows:
IB Environmental Systems & Societies SL for diploma / certificate candidates:

I - Mid Aug (15th) mid Sep (14th).  Big bonus as (20% towards IBDP).
Focus on Internal Assessments (IA) and consolidate strengths and eradicate weaknesses in laboratory reports on The FOUR EVSS CRITERIA.                           (i)   Planning (Pl);                           (ii) Data Collection and Processing (DCP);       (iii) Discussion Evaluation and Conclusion (DEC);    (iv) Personal Skills (PS).
Select 1 written laboratory report from your IB first year work for this exercise.

II - Mid Sep (15th) mid Oct (14th).
Preparation for the TWO WRITTEN EXAMINATION PAPERS (1 and 2).
EVSS Paper 1 – Structured data based and essay paper, examines full IB EVSS syllabus.
                                     (1 hour 45 marks – weighted 30% IB Grade)

III - Mid Oct (15th) mid Nov (14th)
EVSS Paper 2 – Series of questions from known or unknown global case study (in a given Resource Booklet) and two essays from four.                                                                        ( 2 hours - Total 65 marks weighted 50% IB Grade)  

Section A- Requires information & data on resource booklet. (25 marks).
Q.1, the most feared question by candidates, requires very careful comprehension, interpretation and analysis of the data on the resource booklet.

Section B -  Q.2-5, directly from learned theory, through structured and data based questions.  These 4 structured essays, each with three sub-questions.                                       Only TWO questions to be selected from Q. 2-5.

                                 (each essay 18+2 marks = 40 marks).

Correct examination approach and common errors and omissions made during Paper 2 as seen by the external examiner.

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