This uniquely designed kit by a professional science teacher with over 45 years of teaching experience in science and biology. The syllabus content for primary schools for African and Southern African schools have been dissected and mapped out on a subject matter basis and each and every chapter of the science grades text book (Swaziland) is matched with the material that you need to carry out the investigatory, experimental 'hands on' investigations/work.
The end result is that a child is able to touch, feel and learn ‘hands on’ rather than just reading what is given in the text book and what the teachers write on the board.
This PRIMARY School science kit is a must have for all schools and for parents who wish to take science beyond the class rooms and into your own home and make the learning experience exciting, experiential and experimental. The kit covers all materials from grade 1 to 7 that is necessary to do the practical exercises and learning curves of each grade by chapter.

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